Air shower

RICO Material Handling Air Shower are self-contained units, which are installed at the entrance of a clean room and other controlled environment rooms, which enter the working area to reduce the entry of dust particles and other particle cases. Material Handling Air Shower is designed to provide and maintain clean room conditions for research applications and particle sensitive construction processes. These energy efficient units are completely self-contained and are well equipped to provide and maintain the highly sterile working environment. Our versatile Air Shower particles are very well controlling the level of contamination for research applications related to sensory processes such as disk drives and semiconductor manufacturing, drug testing and molecular biology and biochemical experiments, cell and tissue culture experiments etc.

They are available in both standard and customized designs according to industry requirements. The entire Air Shower Assembly is equipped with HEPA / ULPA filter, pre-wired and tested, which is ready to be used with a simple plug-in, therefore provides an unmatched feature of operation. In addition, the use of high quality building materials ensures unique manufacturing quality, while highly skilled blowers and motors ensure long-lasting reliable results.

There are 3 types of configurations available:

One-way flow: The unit allows one-way operation, in which the clean side door is locked and the gray state door is unlocked in the idle state. This method of operation helps in controlling the flow of clean room and outside traffic to maintain maximum sterility in the work area.

Two side flows: The unit allows flux on either side, so that the wind storm can be active in both directions. The user can exit through clean room doors or gray-side doors, without compromising the cleanliness of the clean air environment. This mode of operation prevents the emission of harmful contaminants from the clean room in the external environment, making the unit especially useful in pharmaceutical industries, animal research laboratories and other applications that need to work with harmful and biohazard substances.

Tower flow: Flow is the upper roof of the shower.

Special Features

  • Outer Chamber is made up of MS powder coated

  • The interior room is made of stainless steel (304 grades).

  • The wool between the outer and the internal body is filled for insulation and for the prevention of thermal damage.

  • Door gasket is provided for proper sealing with heavy sealing and door closing device

  • Heating elements are made up of high quality Nichrome

  • Kanthal wire are embedded around the chamber

  • Supplied with 1 (or) 2 removable shelves

  • The temperature is controlled by the electronic digital temperature indicator and is fitted in front for easy visibility

  • Temperature is displayed on digital LED

  • Front panel beside the temperature display also includes the ON/OFF switch

  • Supplied with chord and Plug



  • Microelectronics and semiconductor industries

  • Pharmaceutical industries

  • Biomedical research

  • Life Sciences

  • Aerospace industries

  • Spray painting

  • High precision manufacturing processes

Technical Specifications

Model No:





Air Shower w/o Bottom Board

External Dimension (mm)

1300 x 800 x 2050

1540 x 1000 x 2050

1540 x 1200 x 2050

1540 x 1600 x 2050

2000 x 2000 x 2050

2300 x 5000 x 2050

Internal Dimension WxHxD (mm)

800 x 750 x 1920

800 x 950 x 1920

800 x 1150 x 1920

500 x 1550 x 1920

800 x 1950 x 1920

800 x 4950 x 1920


6 - One Side

12 - Two Sides

16 - Two Sides

18 - Two Sides

24 - Two Sides

60 - Two sides

Blow Power







HEPA Filter Dimension

550 x 610 x 120 - One Piece

610 x 610 x 120 - Two Pieces

915 x 610 x 120 - Two Pieces

1220 x 610 x 120 - Two Pieces

610 x 610 x 120 - Four Pieces

610 x 610 x 120 - Ten Pieces

Suitable Person

1 Person w/ one side blowing

1 Person w/ two sides blowing

1 - 2 Persons w/ two sides blowing

2 - 3 Persons w/ two sides blowing


Nozzle Diameter


Air Shower Time

0 ~ 120 seconds Adjustable

Spurt Wind Speed

18~25 m/s

Filter Efficiency

99.99 %

Cleanliness Level

Class 100

Noise level

Less than 60 db

Shower jet velocity

More than 20±2 meter/second


Aluminium fabricated with safety glass and electromagnetic locks


Aluminium / Powder coated MS / 304 - 316 Stainless steel

Standard fittings

- Fluorescent light
- Pre-filter (washable)
- HEPA filter
- Nozzle (Fixed or Adjustable)
- Emergency stop buttons (both sides)
- Blower motor assembly
- Anti slip floor
- Door bell
- Door closers
- Door handles


- Infrared sensor auto sliding door
- PLC controller w/ touch screen
- ULPA filter

Design Options

- Entry exit type
- L type entry exit
- One way entry
- Two way exit type

Power Supply

220/440Volts AC,  50/60 Hz

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