Water bath is a laboratory device that is made from hot water containers. It is used for long periods of time to put samples in water at constant temperature. When temperature uniformity and stability are important, such as circular water baths (also known as steroid) are ideal for applications for enzymatic and serological applications. During the entire bath the water is circulated well, which is more uniform temperature.

We specialize in both standard and customized circulatory water bath equipment designed specifically to meet the challenging demands of various research applications.

Special Features

  • Versatile usage
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Energy Efficient
  • Long life
  • Low Maintenance
  • Calibration And Protocol Documentation
  • Microprocessor based temperature controller (HMI+PLC as an option)


  • Enzymatic and serologic experiments.

Technical Specifications

    • S.S. Dual wall made of outermost stainless steel made of / M.S. Powdered
    • Gap between walls filled with glass wool.
    • Temp. Range 5°C room temperature up to 80°C
    • Accuracy - / + 1C
    • Equipped with digital electronic temp. Indicator cum Controller
    • Equipped with circulating water pump with inlet and outlet nozzle.

Single phase 220/230 volts AC. Full supply with cord and plugs to work on the supply

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