The Cold Rooms run by RICO are designed to provide and maintain work temperature, which includes preservation of 0 degree Celsius, along with poultry, meat, fruits and vegetables, flowers, bakery items, medicines, etc. Various types of storage items are made to protect. Chemicals etc. These cooling equipment provide a positive working temperature range for wholesale storage and storage of meat products and other temperature sensitive materials for a negative working temperature range for fruits and vegetables, vaccines etc. RICO Walk-in cold room manufacturers provide these rooms in different sizes and configurations and can be custom-designed according to specific requirements. Due to their large storage capacity and flexible design, these devices have wide utilization in butchers, bakeries, restaurants, research laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals, mortars, flower shops etc.

RICO Cold Room is designed for excellent insulation and refrigeration capabilities. They are made of prefabricated PUF insulating panels of different thickness and use pre-coated GI sheets or stainless steel sheets for external and internal surfaces. Stainless steel adds hardness and structure to construction equipment and ensures non-corrosive, smooth and uniform external and internal surfaces. Excellent insulation panel provides maximum thermal efficiency and reduces power consumption. All walls, ceilings and doors are well insulated for minimum energy consumption. RICO's cold room is easy to install, light weight devices that can be easily collected using the cam-locking system.

Special Features

  • Construction of stainless steel & PP Sheet
  • Energy-rich
  • Economical and cost effective
  • Cold units of light weight
  • Microprocessor based controller
  • Highly advanced control panel for fully automated operation
  • Digital Thermostat
  • Anti-compaction control and defrost control for trouble-free operation
  • Low noise, vibration free operation
  • Audio and visual alarms for high temperature

Technical Specifications


Stainless steel / PP Sheet

Working Temperature

0 deg.C, -20 deg.C, -40 deg.C, -60 deg.C

Temperature Tolerance

+/- 1 deg. C

Temperature Control

Digital Temperature Controller

Temperature Sensor

PT 100



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