RICO OIL BATH is a type of hot bath which uses boiling oil as a temperature regulator. Since different oils have different boiling points, therefore, it is possible to get the temperature closer to the desired temperature by selecting an oil with the boiling point as much as possible of the desired temperature. The most common oils that are used in oil baths are paraffin, glycerol, silicon oil or cotton oil, which are due to their odorless characteristics.

Double-walled high-temperature oil bath has a wide range of applications, such as oxidation stability testing on oil, grease, etc. or any other testing requiring high temperature control with high thermal efficiency. This oil bath was developed for a wide range of testing and it meets the ASTM specifications for D471, D865 and D1313.

Special Features

  • The oil bath given by us is basically designed to tolerate high temperatures easily.
  • Inner tank and lid made of stainless steel (SS-304 grade).
  • The outer chamber is made of dough powder of light steel.
  • Filling of mineral wool (insulation) in the space between the outer body and the stainless steel tank prevents thermal damage.
  • The heating elements are located in the floor and side walls and a natural mixture of medium, which provides better temperature distribution in the bath.
  • Temperature range from 500C to 2500C.
  • Operating voltage: 220V AC (50Hz).



  • Oil Bath is low cost options for heating— ideal tool for
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petroleum Industries and Institutions.
  • Oil bath has a wide range of applications, such as oxidation stability testing on oil, grease, etc., or any other test requires high temperature control with high thermal efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Model No:


Internal Dimensions (L X B X D)

250 x 250 x 250mm

Approximate Capacity

15 Ltrs.

Heating Load

2.5 KW


Microprocessor based digital temperature indicator co-controller controlled by 1.5 kW 2.0 kW

Temperature Range

50C to 250°C

Temperature Accuracy

± 3°C.

Heater Protection

Stainless Steel Perforated Cover

Stirring Arrangement

By F. H. P. stirrer fitted with stainless steel shaft.

Stirring Speed

The speed can be regulated by the regulator.

Temperature control by

Profile (Micro Programmable) by controller.

Timer Facility

Can be made with digital electronic timer.

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