Humidity Test Chambers | High-Low Humidity Chamber

RICO High Low Humidity Test Chambers are Jung Test Chambers, which are used to emulate high or low humidity conditions for the testing of rust that prevents the ability of various oils and greases. These High Low Humidity Simulation Chambers use extensive spread in research organizations, academic institutions and industrial units and are usually employed by the petroleum and chemical industries.

Rust Proof Humidity Test Chambers are double walled devices that provide an internal bladder made of SS 304 stainless steel plate and an outer bladder made of plastic coated A3 steel plate. The gap between the walls is filled with super thin glass fiber for increasing thermal efficiency. The door of the chamber is provided with a sophisticated silicone rubber seal, which seals the chamber working with external contaminants and temperature fluctuations as soon as the door is closed. The door of the chamber is also provided with the observation window to allow continuous monitoring of the test sample during the operation of the unit.

These High Low Humidity Test Chambers use an electric heater which includes IR Ni-CR alloy which is fast heating and highly efficient, oversized cooling system that uses non-CFC refrigerators for efficient cooling. The active humidification system includes an aerosol humidity generator with humidity controllers to maintain the desired humidity level. These test chambers are equipped with a wide range of safety features, which include an adjustable ultra-temperature protection function, which prevents the working temperature from moving beyond the specified boundaries, the presence of temperature fuse wire, overheating fans and motor The case of failure in the prevention and protection of reversed equipment in the phase This room is also known as high humidity high temperature test chamber or low humidity low temperature test chamber

RICO Humidity Test Chambers use fully programmable PID microprocessor based controllers for highly efficient and accurate temperature control. Programmable operation allows multiple point operations for single-set point operation along with cyclic tests for long-term stability tests. Easy to use touch screen controllers for easy programming, the device uses RS 422 interface for easy and remote access to PC and Ethernet connectivity. These Jung Test Cells are equipped with APT-COM software to monitor sensitive thermal and climatic processes carried out within the test room and their automated documentation. This software enables networking between many units, allowing convenient remote control operation.

RICO High Low Humidity Test Chambers are in line with international standards of safety and quality and are equipped with ISO certification. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, which include both standard and customized models. Designed for vibration-free and quiet operation, these devices are available at affordable prices according to all types of budgets.

Special Features

  • Economical and efficient design
  • Programmable PID microprocessor based controller for efficient temperature control (optional)
  • User interface is easy to use(optional)
  • Touch Screen Controller(optional)
  • Safe and reliable operation
  • Temperature protection function, Fuse wire of temperature of the test space
  • phase failure of whole equipment / reversal
  • ISO Certification
  • Using APT-COM software for easy monitoring(optional)
  • Ethernet and PC connectivity for remote access(optional)
  • Easy to clean, non-corrosive surfaces
  • Cool operation

LED Controller

Technical Specifications

Temperature Range

Ambient +5°C to 60°C


Inner: Stainless Steel 304
Outer: GI Powder Coated

Temperature Accuracy

± 1°C

Temperature Uniformity

± 1°C

Humidity Range

40% RH to 95% RH

Humidity Accuracy

± 2% RH

Humidity Uniformity

± 3% RH

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