Lyophilizer Freeze Dryer

RICO Freeze drying is the process of removing moisture from a biological product while maintaining the biological and chemical composition and the integrity of the activities. Freeze-drying techniques are used especially for the removal of moisture from the products of biological origin, without making any noticeable changes in the basic characteristics. Freeze dryer is also the preferred process in the fields of pharmacy, chemistry and food conservation. Heat-sensitive biological materials can be freeze-dried without affecting their potency. Drying materials can be stored for years at room temperature without the loss of their original characteristics. Freeze-dried material can be transported and sent to small containers, and no provision is required for refrigeration en route.

In addition to normal drying applications, our freeze-drying micro-organisms, plants, tissues etc. are suitable for the use of various applications, which are in addition to various customized industrial and research applications.

Bacterial growth and enzymes are not in freeze-dried products. Protein do not coagulate. Due to drying and sealing of oxidation of many materials such as hemoglobin and vaccine, it is completely prevented.


Special Features


  • The entire unit is placed on the steel frame, which has been fixed with the cast. See through the lid complete with the Perks, in which the entire unit is installed in the steel cabinet with cooling condenser, vacuum drum, sample pot vacuum pump.
  • For the measurement of the temperature, the temperature controlled by the microprocessor-based digital temperature controller is at -40°C (ambient temperature of 25°C). And electronic digital vacuum indicators co-controller.
  • Cooling is done by seamlessly compressed seal compressor (CFC free) and vacuum by double stages with 250 ltrs/min direct motor drive rotary vane type vacuum pump with air ballast and
    1 x 10-3 tor at the pump head. The ultimate vacuum occurs.
  • Vacuum Drum has 6 or 12 port manifold
  • Main drying chamber is made of stainless steel non-magnetic grade with Perspex top cover.
  • Workable on Single Phase 220/230 volts A.C. supply.

Technical Specifications

Model No.






Max. ice capacity

3 L

4 L

5 L

6 L

8 L

Ice condenser performance

2L / 24Hr

3L / 24Hr

3.5L / 24Hr

4.5L / 24Hr

5.5L / 24Hr

Cold trap temperature

-40°C, -600C or below (-80°C, -110°C Optional)

Temperature Sensor



Refrigeration ON/OFF
Vacuum ON/OFF


PID controller

Refrigeration System

HCFC / CFC Free, -55°C (-86°C optional)


1/3 HP (hermetically sealed)


Hot gas solenoid system or heater defrosting

Pressure Control

Automatic or Manual

Drain connection

Side mounted


Exterior - Powder coated MS
Exterior top - SS 304
Drying chamber - SS 304
Cold Trap Chamber - SS 304
Lids - Acrylic


- Two stages cooling system
- Fast freeze flasks
- Fast freeze adaptor
- Extra ports manifold
- Vacuum pump
- Caster wheels
- RS 232 printer interface
- USB interface
- Stainless steel exterior
- Stoppers
- Clean room configuration
- Chart recorder

Power Supply

220/240 Volts AC 50/60hz

High ice capacity lyophilizers are also constructed on demand

Tray type lyophilizer is constructed on demand

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