Photo Stability Chamber is specially designed to be performed near the UV and with visual fluorescence, option 2 with fluorescent lamps per ICH Q1B guidelines. This unit controls the state of light and temperature through an easy-to-use color touch-screen interface. Uniform Light Distribution and High Intensity levels give instant feedback for forced degradation testing and confirmatory studies. Confirmation studies should identify essential precautionary measures in manufacturing the product, and if light-resistant packaging is required.

At the end of the exposure period, the samples should be examined for any changes and assay degradation in physical properties (such as appearance, clarity, or color of solution).

RICO chambers are completely controlled through PLC, such as alarm for aging lamps, auto-switch off of UV light when the door opens. The specular reflector surface provides a uniform UVA and VIS light reflection and maintain proper SPD (spectral power distribution). In addition, the chamber also provides precise humidity control.

Special Features

  • Automatic shutdown after specified level of performance
  • Mirror finished the inner chamber of stainless steel
  • Mild steel doors with magnetic gasket and lock
  • Uniform airflow distribution
  • Printer interface and data storage facility
  • Printer interface for Lux and UV meters
  • CFC free poly urethane foam insulation
  • Powder coated high grade stainless steel construction
  • High quality hermitically seal compressor
  • Security controller with separate sensor
  • CE and ISO certified
  • According to the ICH, WHO guidelines and USFDA standards


  • Pharma industries
  • Drug stability
  • Research

Technical Specifications

Model No.






Capacity (Liters)

100 Liters

170 Liters

255 Liters

450 Liters

1000 Liters

Capacity (Cubic Feet)

4 Cu. Ft.

6 Cu. Ft.

9 Cu. Ft.

16 Cu. Ft.

35 Cu. Ft.

Temperature Range

10°C to 50°C

Temperature Accuracy

±0.1°C - ±1°C

Humidity Range

20% to 90% RH

Humidity Accuracy

±2%RH - ±3%RH


LCD/LED Display


0.1°C - 1%RH

Temperature sensor

PT - 100


Microprocessor PID Controller

RH sensor

Direct capacitance type


 'U' shaped Nichrome Wire Heater in SS Sheathing


 R 134A with CFC-Free Copeland Condenser, Motor and Relay make the compressor using environment friendly refrigerant

Air circulation

Flange Motor with Impeller / Blower

Chamber illumination

Fluorescent light with door switch


1.2 Million LUX Hours


Double Walled

Construction Material

M.S. / 304 Grades Stainless Steel (Powder Coated)


Made of Stainless Steel wire

Number of Shelves

2 to 5 (Extra Trays on Demand)

Power Supply

230 / 240 Volts


ICH, WHO Guideline, and USFDA

Caster Wheels


Safety features

High temperature protection cuts

Electric surcharge cutoff relay for compressor

Time delay for compressor switch ON

Electric circuit breaker

PLC with (OSLOG) software

Magnetic door lock feature

GSM system

HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Digital light indicator (Lux meter w/ UV Indication)

Digital PID controller with printer interface

PC interface

Data logger

Calibration Certificate

Audio / Visual Alarm

Stainless Steel Water Tank

Extra Shelves or Trays

DOT Matrix Printer w/ Stand

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