Platelet Incubator

The RICO Platelet Incubator Equipped With A Microprocessor Controller Is Designed To Centrifuges The Platelet In Constant Motion Before Being Centrifuged In The Controlled Environment.

Special Features

  • Strong construction outer chamber is made of light steel, which has been treated in the past and finished with powder coated paint for permanent finish.
  • To maintain uniformity of temperature in the chamber, equipped with durable coaxial blowers for forced air circulation back to triple wall.
  • The outer front double walled door is untouched and with no magnetic tape for wind tight closing without any temperature loss, which is available with lock and arrangement.
  • Room powered illumination for easy visibility has been fitted inside the lamps chamber.
  • Enables inspection and monitoring of internal chamber samples without disturbing the temperature of a full visual internal plexi-glass door process.
  • High grade insulation between the outer and inner chamber for minimum thermal damage.
  • ISI marked compressor/condensing units are cooled by CFC free and R-134 lies in thin air evaporator in the air circulation path by an environmentally friendly refrigerant.
  • Preset temperature is 22°C (FDA recommended).
  • The temperature is controlled by the electronic digital temperature indicator co-controller which fits with the audio visual alarm in which the battery is included with the back which is more than the allowed tolerance in the case of fluctuation. The unit has also been installed as a safety device with a door operated alarm and power supply failure alarm.
  • Designed specifically to accommodate platelet agitators.
  • Mounted caster wheel for easy portability.
  • Supplied with cord and plug.
  • Operating voltage: 220V AC (50Hz).



Technical Specifications

Model No:


Approx. Volume (Ltr.)

150 ltr.

Approximate Size (in Cu.ft.)



Inner Chamber Made of Stainless Steel


Preset at 22°C

Temp. Controller

The PID digital temperature indicator co-controller with microprocessor is equipped with alarm feature, with specially designed deviation alarm, pre-set temperature, door open alarm and power failure alarm.

Temperature Recorder

Circular temperature chart recorder for seven days.

Specially designed

To Adjust Platelet Agitator

Temperature Alarm

Audio Visual Alarm


LED Display


Solid State Electronic Relay with Protective Heat Sink

Battery Backup

Facility is provided


By fluorescent lamp

Air Circulation

By forced convection system


By High density insulation


Near silent handling with ultra-low vibration

High Voltage Protection

Through automatic voltage stabilizer (Optional)

Electric Supply

220/230V AC, 50/60Hz





Printing Facility

Built by Mini Printer to record temperature.

Regulated Voltage

By Voltage stabilizer

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