Close box aids in material transfer without movement of many personnel. In addition, the static pass box also acts as an obstacle to entry of contaminated substances in clean rooms and other classified areas. RICO pass box Static is designed to reduce traffic and contamination entry in a clean room. Our Clean Room pass box falls under the international standard and is used to transfer materials to a clean room in another clean room.

The static pass box is a cheap way to maintain cleanliness of your clean room. These boxes work on the principle of opening a door at a time with electromagnetic interlocking to avoid any possibility of cross contamination. These tailor-made equipment provide optimum performance with stainless steel coating and hard base. They are available in stainless steel construction with built-in interlocking system built in HEPA / ULPA air block.

Special Features

  • Interlocking type doors.
  • Can be easily installed on the wall between clean rooms and any other room.
  • Glass is equipped with window to view, through which the material kept in the nearby box can be seen.
  • Made of Commercial Board and it’s all external and internal surfaces are niggle in the laminated, MS. Sheet duly powder coated or SS Sheet Body -304 grade PVC coated matte finish (as ordered).
  • Hinged door on both sides with wide viewing window.
  • Electrically interlocked type of doors on both sides, so that any one door can be opened at once.
  • UV and fluorescent light and HEPA filters can be provided alternately.


  • Space applications
  • Life science
  • Chemical industry
  • Bio medical
  • Diagnostics labs
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Technical Specifications


Static Pass Box


Stainless Steel 304 / 316 / 316L


Solid door w / mechanical or electrical interlock


Tempered Glass


Hour meter


Hour meter, fluorescent light, UV light, electromagnet for door interlocking, buzzer and indicator lamp.


Tempered Glass

UV Lamp


HEPA Filter


Filtration efficiency

≥ 99.99% @ ≥ 0.3μm

Power Supply

220 / 230 Volts


CE and ISO

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