Vertical autoclave

Standard models of Vertical Autoclave units manufactured by RICO are available with chamber versions of 22 liters to 175 liters, which accommodate two and three drums accordingly. These systems are designed to meet effective sterilization requirements in bacteriological and research laboratories, hospitals and clinics and food and beverage units. The vertical chamber design maximizes space usage, while the microprocessor control system enables the machine to operate comfortably at all times.

Vertical steam sterilizers are also called, our vertical type autoclaves provide flexible solutions of steam sterilization in hospitals, clinics and other areas of application, where reliable steam sterilization is a compulsory process. Vertically designed cells also guarantee safe and efficient sterilization in limited locations. Consistent with the specific application, these units have been fully fabricated as GMP stainless steel double and triple wall construction; Apart from this, we also produce vertical autoclaves with other configurations, including the interior and exterior of stainless steel made from Mild Steel (MS).

Special Features

  • Internal and External Chamber, SS Made from grade 304
  • Bucket / basket made of stainless steel
  • Water Level Indicators
  • Closing via radial locking system
  • The seal of lid by Neoprene rubber gasket
  • The lid is applied with pressure gauge, spring loaded safety valve.
  • Operating range from 15psi to 20psi pressure
  • Sterilizing temperature up to 1340C
  • The required pressure was tested up to 2.5 times
  • Voltage: 220V AC (50Hz)


  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage Industries and Institutions

Technical Specifications







Internal Tank Capacity

22 Liter

40 Liter

50 Liter

95 Liter

175 Liter


2.00 KW

3.00 KW

3.00 KW

4.00 KW

6.00 KW

Chamber dimension

10” x 18”

12” x 22”

14” x 22”

18” x 24”

22” x 36”

No.of Drums & Sizes


2 (9” x11”)

2 (9” x11”)

2 (12” x 15”)

3 (12” x 15”)

Working Pressure

1.2 kgf/cm sq.g (15 psi - 17 psi) (Can be Upgraded up to 30 PSI)

Sterilizing Temperature

121°C to 134°C (150°C - Optional)

Heat Average


Sterilization Time

25 to 30 Minutes

Digital Timer

0 to 99 min


Double / Triple Wall and SS GMP Construction

Outer Chamber

Mild Steel (304 stainless Steel – Optional)

Inner Chamber

304 SS (316 / 316L grades Stainless Steel – Optional)


Glass Wool

Waste Container

Stainless Steel

Door / Lid

Lift with foot protection and interlock device

Door Locking type

Radial Type (Wing Nut Optional)

Water Filling & Removal


Safety Features

Radial locking, safety valve, low water detector and pressure interlock

Optional accessories

- PID Controller

- Low/high water cut-off device

- Digital alarm

- temperature recorder

- dot matrix printer

- RS 232/USB PC connection port

- NABL authentication

- Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Carrier

- Dressing drums

- Sterilization indicator tape

- Autoclave bag

- PLC control system

- IQ / OQ / PQ Documentation

Power Supply

220 Volts / 440 Volts

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