RICO Vertical Laminar Air Flow is conceptualized to provide fully functioning bath area in high efficiency full air, which is free from any type of particle contamination or impurities. These units are ideally suited in all applications, which require the protection of biological samples or products with potential contamination during processing or testing. Our Laminar Air Flow Bench is rapidly gaining popularity in other areas, such as pharmaceutical production, electronic industry and various other manufacturing applications.

A vertical clean bench pushes the air through a HEPA filter which is located at the top of the enclosure. At constant speed, the wind is directed downwards on the work surface.

It is useful for various tasks, which require the maintenance and purity of plant's tissue culture, purity and electronic electronic parts, medical science, entomology, pharmacy, agricultural sector, seed science, veterinary science, and experiments like purity.

On the other hand, a vertical clean bench provides a pivot glass sash as a safety measure. This sash provides personal protection and a physical barrier while working with chemicals. In the microbiology, forensics, biotech and many other industries vertical clean benches are common places, which are used during those processes which require a clean work area.

Special Features

  • Low Cost.
  • Low Noise.
  • User Friendly Ergonomic Design.
  • Controlled Environment Particulate Free Product Protection.
  • Original material of thick board wood front back top and outer surfaces are covered with Formica. Or cold rolled steel duly powder coated or stainless steel (SS-304) (as ordered).
  • Working table is made of Stainless Steel Sheet (SS-304 grade).
  • All interior surfaces are epoxy painted filter seat is carefully formed, installed and checked for leakage.
  • Side panels & front doors are made of 6 mm thick acrylic transparent plexi glass.
  • The highly efficient HEPA filter maintains the optimum cleanliness and purity.
  • The pre-filter fit extends the life of the HEPA filter. The air drawn through the pre-filter is designed to pass through the highly effective HEPA (High Efficiency Special Air) filter, which has 99.99% with cold DOP and 99.97% efficiency rating with hot DOP, Maintaining all the air-borne particles is 0.3 microns and larger.
  • Working area is illuminated by fluorescent lighting fitted to the unit.
  • Blower and motor assembly is statistically and dynamically balanced by 1/5 H.P. Capacity works with a minimum noise level.
  • Height of the working table provides comfortable "SIT DOWN" working position for the operator.
  • S.S Completed with table top, transparent front door, static pressure manometer U.V. Built-in gas, air or vacuum line, HEPA filter and pre-filter for germ light and cock.
  • Supplied complete with cord & plug to work on Single Phase 220 / 230 volts A.C. supply.


  • Chemical
  • Medical
  • Food manufacturing
  • Food industry
  • Forensics
  • Microbiology and Tissue culture lab
  • Entomology
  • Veterinary and seed sciences
  • Pathology

Technical Specifications

Model No.





Working Table Size

2' x 2'

3' x 2'

4' x 2'

6' x 2'

Working Size

2' x 2' x 2'

3' x 2' x 2'

4' x 2' x 2'

6' x 2' x 2'

HEPA Filter Size

2' x 2' x 6"

3' x 2' x 6”

4' x 2' x 6”

3' x 2' x 6"

No. of Motor/Blower






1 x 20 w

1 x 20 w

2 x 40 w

2 x 40 w

Main Filter

HEPA Filter (99.97% efficient at 0.3 micron particles)


Internal: Stainless steel 304
External: Stainless steel / GI powder Coated


High efficiency pre-filter (Washable)


By U. V. Germicidal Tube in work area

Front Door

Made of Plexi Glass 6 mm

Noise Level

Less than 65 db

Standard Accessory

Gas/Air cock

Power Supply

 220/240 Volts AC, 50/60Hz

Spare HEPA Filters

Can be provided at an extra cost

Magnetic Gauge

(To track filter pressure) in lieu of static pressure manometer.


U.V. Germicidal tube & fluorescent light with auto switch off/on mode for motor blower when the door is closed/open.

Hour Meter totalizer

For U.V . light

Microprocessor LCD Controller with Auto Switch off mode

When the door is closed for the motor blower. An audio alarm appears when the sterilizing time of digital buzzer timer chamber is completed and switching from U.V. Switches off the disinfectant tube and automatically fluorescent light, alerting the user that the bench is ready for use.

Can be fitted with micro chip controlled electronic digital indicator

To display air flow rate fitted with sensor

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