Environmental Test Chambers (ETC)

For full control of temperature and humidity, stability test or climate test with varying environmental conditions!

Environmental Test Chamber is controlled environment to distinguish the material under a variety of natural testing equipment, and the execution of a variety of cold and ice resistance materials, dry and wet execution. It is used for quality testing of insect and biological products, electronic, electrical, correspondence,  instrumentation, vehicles, plastic articles, metals, chemicals, construction materials, refurbishers, aviation and various articles. Environmental test chamber consists of control panel, electrical panels, moisturizing plate fan, heater, humidifier and freezer. It provides a great spare part for testing temperature and humidity for large-scale parts, semi-finished products; it is applied to test large-scale products or the most quantity, such as: computer terminals, vehicle parts.

As an Environmental Test Chamber that can be configured for almost any large component. This in-chamber walk through can perform temperature/humidity cycling, constant temperature/humidity, extreme temperature/humidity testing, fast ramp rate, storage testing, altitude testing, vibration integration, solar simulation, etc.


 • To recreate test conditions with different temperatures and humidity.

 •The cyclical test incorporates climatic conditions: maintenance test, cooling test, heating test, damping test and drying test.

 • Link port with adaptive silicone connector for link address to provide test unit   status in operation

 • Reveals deficiency of the test unit, in a fleeting test with accelerated time impact


The environmental test chamber is suitable for machinery, materials, devices, components, electronics, automotive, defense, aerospace and large parts industry, semi-finished and finished products of temperature and humidity testing, such as computer terminals, auto parts. Ambient temperature and humidity are mainly composed of control panel, distribution board, base plate, wet blower, heater, humidifier, and cooler.


 • PIC controller for test chamber.

 • Step ratings include: Slope, Fade, Bounce, Auto Start, and End

 • Interface to associate PC, for performance.


 • Interface, digital recorder (can be hot swapped at any time during records)

 Programmable control system industrial

 The end of the evaluation to return to normal temperature protection mechanism

 Apply to small size product test or large size product test

 Stainless steel and steel plate modular standard design salted as the main material

 According to the size and design of the customer required, we can provide them with the corresponding outline

• You can open the inside. Gate and leakage safety protection

 Synchronous safety control of test power supply and safety protection device for testing products

 Water filter Automatic water supply device for humidity using

 Inner box & Outer box: steel sheet material

 Strong and powerful semi-automatic compressor

 The most suitable amount of refrigerant control

 Energy saving 30%, water saving 20%; Environment-friendly refrigerant

 A set of humidity sensor control

 Heating load automatic control to adjust the refrigerant flow rate, which can withstand the traditional constant temperature and humidity room heat load

RICO Scientific provides safe, reliable & personalized environmental testing solutions with variety of Customized Environment Chambers according your needs. Contact Us Now!


Special Features

  • Suitable for conducting various quality control tests under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity.
  • Excellent quality of magnetic glue packing for external doors.
  • User oriented design of shelves lets you adjust each space of the shelves without difficulty.
  • The inner chamber is made of stainless steel (S.S.-304 grade) and the outer wall of the light steel sheet is painted and the caster is mounted on the wheel.
  • High grade polyurethane foam (PUF) insulation between the outer and inner chamber for minimum thermal damage.
  • Front double wall lock is provided with lock and arrangement.
  • A self-cooled air circulation fan is applied to maintain uniform temperature and humidity conditions throughout the room.
  • Humidity is created through the steam production tank on the base / top.
  • Cooling temperature was provided with refrigeration system to control temperature above 50C to 600C + 10C and humidity from 5% to 40% to 95% RH + 3% RH.
  • CFC free ECO fully compressor.


  • Test houses and research.
  • Automotive industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Aviation and space industries
  • Plastic processing industries
  • Clothing industry, manufactures of sports articles
  • Chemical industry
  • Paints and coatings
  • Agricultural research
  • Bio related products.

Technical Specifications









112 ltrs

145 ltrs

171 ltrs

224 ltrs

280 ltrs

340 ltrs


4 Cuft

5 Cuft

6.1 Cuft

8 Cuft

10.0 Cuft

12.0 Cuft

No. of Perforated Trays







MOC Outer

Powder coated CRC Steel Sheet or Stainless Steel.

MOC Inner

Chamber and trays made of Stainless Steel (SS-304)


Forced Convection Type

Temperature Range

5OC to 60OC

Temperature Accuracy


Humidity Creation

Humidity generation (steam type)

Humidity Range

5% above ambient from 40% to 95%RH at cool temperatures.

Humidity Accuracy


Temperature Controller

Set Value (SV) and Process Value (PV) with microprocessor based digital temperature indicator-cum-controller LED display.
Microprocessor Digital Controller with LCD Display (as ordered).

Power Supply

220/230V AC, 50/60Hz.

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